Friday, August 27, 2010

Things I'm trying now

I've been thinking and thinking for 2 days now, trying to come up with a good post. It's not that I can't think of anything, it's mostly that I think of too many things. Kind of like I talk too much, and tend to write in run on sentences. So I'll go over a couple of goals, things I've been doing recently to help myself save money, products I'm testing out in my constant search for just the right thing.

1. Saving money. I've recently started using a piggy bank, a real honest to god shaped like a pig, piggy bank. I've been trying for a long while to find a good way to save up money for specific goals, and I'm hoping this will finally be it. In the past I've done well with a coin jar, but I'm trying to save more money in a shorter period of time, so I want something I can put cash into w/o seeing it, so I'm putting half my part-time income into the piggy each week, and occasionally dumping coins into him as well. I think there is 60 in him now, but I really have no idea. I like it that way. When I know how much there is it's easier to spend it on something else.

2. Cooking better. We've been doing a lot of shopping at the farmers markets this summer. Not quite as much as I would like, but a good amount. I love it, because we can get everything we want, for much cheaper. It also means I have to cook, because we are getting raw ingredients at the peak of their ripeness so they have to be prepared quickly. Sometimes this means getting creative and making something on Monday that I don't intend to eat until Thursday. For example this roasted sweet corn and pepper salad I made last week. It was quick and easy and lovely.
5 ears sweet corn
2 bell peppers
3-6 assorted peppers, Anaheim, jalapeno, and sweet red
Garlic to taste
Olive oil
shuck the corn and lightly oil, cook on a hot grill till the kernels start to char and rotate so it's cooked evenly, at the same time lightly grill all the peppers, you want a blackened outside but there should still be some crunch in them.
Remove the corn from the cop, chop the peppers (I take out all of the jalapeno seeds because I don't want it too spicy) and mix in garlic and oil to taste.
This is what I like to do when I have too much sweet corn, which seems to happen to a lot of us in MN this time of year. The Man east it, I eat it, and it's easy to freeze if needed.

3. Conserve money in regards to my beauty routine. This one is breaking my heart. I spent a year plus being under employed, and only working my part-time job. And since getting a real job again it feels like my hair and skin have suffered the price. Not only am I no longer working for a company (don't want to use the name) that makes amazing natural skin and hair care products, but I can't seem to afford to get the other brands I've been wanting to try either. Earlier this week I was at Target and saw that they have Bumble and Bumble Seaweed shampoo and conditioner in their buy 1 get 1 packages. I just couldn't justify $40 for shampoo and conditioner, even though I tried, oh trust me I tried. I've been growing my hair out for almost a year, doesn't that deserve some type of pampering? It's almost to my shoulders, I need to start caring for it better right? Well, fortunately or not I have been blessed with strong thick hair and no, I don't really need to spend $40 on shampoo right now.

So this will be what my blog will hopefully be focusing on in the next month. I will continue with the goal of at least 1 post a week, which I was successful with in August. Now I will have something to grow those posts about. When I write about a product review, it is likely it will be something cheaper, or at least purchased on sale. When I'm writing about cooking I will hopefully be writing about easy and healthy meals and recipes I am developing. And I will be constantly searching for ways to save money and have fun on the cheap.

Happy Friday!

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